samwagon is dead. Long live the samcycle?

Posted on Sat 05 January 2008 in Life.

It happened. The samwagon must’ve heard me talking about scrapping it and decided to die on me.

The alternator didn’t sound too good on sunday coming back from chase, but I put it down to cold (it was fsckin freezing). Batteries dead by Wednesday, so recharge it, get it started and drive to Harbourne. 20 minutes later I’m walking back as the battery is flatter than a pancake.

Cue last night (in the pouring rain) with eric coming to assist with jump leads, got it going again. Half way down the hill approaching Sainsbury’s, everything dies. Battery was completely dead this time, a cell must’ve gone or something.

Anyhoo, eric had lent me a spare, with which we managed to coax the car back home.

Thinking it was just the old battery being an arse, I checked on the car today to find it all dead again. I think the alternator is shot, or possibly some of the wiring. Checking the wiring for any obvious signs of wear or loose connections, I spotted something more troubling; the master brake cylinder is starting to rust and (slightly) coming apart. Eeeek.

Needless to say, I’m not going to be driving the car any more, and I’ll have to arrange for the scrap men to come fetch it in the next few weeks.

I should probably get an Austin 7 or something with a crank handle next time around. Or a bicycle. No more alternator worries for me …

I mentioned about not using PCWorld if you have a modicum of IT knowledge. Don’t. Ever. Rude and clueless doesn’t adequately describe their response to me asking about refunds on Windows Vista as stated in the EULA. The response was “Well, I suggest talking to your solicitor and suing us for the refund.” Ne’er mind, I bought a computer from a company online. Balls to em.

I think I’ve finished venting. Oh, if you get the chance, go find a DVD of Nightwatch and Daywatch. Good films.

Now to do actually fix the chaserail site. Last thing I do on it :-)