Stop it CPS, you’re killing us

Posted on Thu 16 December 2010 in misc.


What? You mean to say this whole episode with Julian Assange hasn’t been a comedy sketch?

You mean it wasn’t intended as a massive joke, making a mockery of the justice system in this country and across Europe?

Really? Sure looks it from here.

Today it turns out it was the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who wanted Assange’s bail refused, not the Swedes as speculated before.

I’m having difficulty understanding why; the original reason he was refused bail was because he was a flight risk. The bail conditions include an electronic tag, an authorised residence, his passport(s) confiscated and checking in with a police station every day. Where and how is he going to flee exactly?

Coming at it the other way, who are we going to protect by keeping him in jail? He is accused of a non-violent crime during consensual relations with two women. He has not been accused of being a violent serial rapist and thus shouldn’t be treated as such.

Before people jump down my throat about me being a rapist apologist, I find rape disgusting. It is one of the most inhuman acts, is rightly regarded as a war crime and carries a heavy prison sentence.

It is precisely because of these powerful emotional viewpoints that we must be sure we are doing the right thing.

All this circus is doing is reinforcing the view that this determination to keep Assage locked up is politically motivated and that Europe (and Britain in particular) is bending over backwards to accommodate the USA.

The punchline to this episode? Whilst we’re all concentrating on Assange’s trip through solitary, Bradley Manning, the man generally regarded as the source for the recent leaks, is also sitting in solitary, also uncharged, awaiting a court marshal.

He’s been in a cell for 23 out of 24 hours, every day, for over 6 months. This system falls into the definition of cruel, unusual, inhumane and torturous treatment, which is internationally and in some places nationally outlawed.

What country can advertise itself as free, law-abiding and democratic then mistreat someone who has revealed the truth. The truth that is required in a free, law-abiding and democratic country as it’s foundation.

I have to admit that I didn’t know until today that Manning holds both American and British citizenships. It is also to my shame that I didn’t read into his mistreatment sooner because I thought it didn’t concern me as he was American. It’s also to my shame that I’ve included him as I’ve learned he has British citizenship. In future I hope I won’t make this frankly racist mistake again.

If you wish to support this free flow of information, please support WikiLeaks and donate to Bradley Manning’s defence fund.