samwagon is no more

Posted on Sat 19 January 2008 in Life.


… or it won’t be in a few days.

The tatters just been to take it away, and I have a pile of stuff in the corner of my room that was in the car. I can’t think how I managed to get it into the boot.

But yes, the samwagon is no more.

I’ve adapted a plugin for Quod Libet, its here if you want it.

New computer arrived, on which I’ve been playing the portal demo Valve released for nVidia card owners. I want. It is so mind-bendingly fun. One portal on the wall, one portal in front of it on the floor, and Wheeeeeeeee! Or on opposite walls of a room …. I can see myself, myself, myself, myself, myself …

Thats pretty much it.