La la la la

Posted on Mon 17 September 2007 in Uncategorized.


Don’t shop at PC World if you have a modicum of IT knowledge (like how to turn the computer on): they think replacing Windows with Linux causes the hinges to spontaneously disintegrate invalidating the warranty. Not to fear! Head Office are always in contact with their stores to let them know whats going on …

I know of at least one person who was refused a job there (PCW) for being over qualified for the position. He was a uni student too.”

Hell, my hamster is overqualified for PCW. He’s me thinking I could of got a summer job with them …

Xorg 7.3 is compiled and ready to go, just gotta move stuff about for the updated packages. (No more mucking about with xorg.conf files … ;-)

Hmm, someone also stole the cover from the door bell. Not the unit, just the cover. I suppose it was sorta shiny and looked “hi-tech” or expensive. Never mind.

So, Lapwing-Linux for the rest of the month. :-)