It All Begins Again

Posted on Wed 28 March 2007 in Uncategorized.


The original (28 Days Later) was good, having just watched the trailer for this, I’m excited this will be as good or better. (The trailer has a Muse song, must be good)

If you’ve not seen the original, go watch, it is a brilliant film :-)

Car is still off the road, brake pipes are on but leaking, I think some of the flares didn’t work right. But I’ve got to wait for monies and time to become available next week.

Uni is nearly over! 2 reports and a presentation to do for/on friday then 4 weeks off, 2 weeks revision, 2 weeks exams then summer holidays, with a part time-job (pending finding one over the easter hols).

Lapwing-Linux is coming along nicely, I’ve a few more packages to compile (OpenOffice, scanner front end, possibly some video editing software) then it’s the installer and some settings to do. Then, >drum roll< a release. :-)