It All Begins Again

The original (28 Days Later) was good, having just watched the trailer for this, I’m excited this will be as good or better. (The trailer has a Muse song, must be good)

If you’ve not seen the original, go watch, it is a brilliant film :-)

Car is still off the road, brake pipes are on but leaking, I think some of the flares didn’t work right. But I’ve got to wait for monies and time to become available next week.

Uni is nearly over! 2 reports and a presentation to do for/on friday then 4 weeks off, 2 weeks revision, 2 weeks exams then summer holidays, with a part time-job (pending finding one over the easter hols).

Lapwing-Linux is coming along nicely, I’ve a few more packages to compile (OpenOffice, scanner front end, possibly some video editing software) then it’s the installer and some settings to do. Then, >drum roll< a release. :-)