Tis raining this summer time

Posted on Mon 18 June 2007 in Uncategorized.


Evening all, hope everyones enjoying the lovely british summer weather ;-)

Bus rally yesterday at Chasewater, the event where we (according to some members of the public) have the audacity to close the road to parking outside the station to allow the buses in and out.

I mean, how dare we close the road for 8 hours of the year? And not allow them to park on the private rugby club road or the railway car park. Its their tax-paid and “I’ve been doing it for 3 1/2 years” right to park there!!

Well, no. The railway leases, using the money raised through running trains (not grants), the land from the District Council, so it is private.

The rugby club, as far as I’m aware, also lease the land from the council, and have the same right on the road. Theres even a sign telling people not to park on it.

So, lovely dog walkers/fair-weather cyclists, go complain to the Council about putting in a car park for you. Or use the one at Church Street. Or, you know, use the main park entrance, which has and was designed for plenty of parking.

We’ve also had the signal box at chasewater heaths broken into, all they nicked was 12 foots worth of copper pipe. {insert word describing person of questionable parentage}s decided the quickest way in was to smash a window instead of using the door. {insert word describing person of questionable parentage}s.

Deep breath. Think of the fun I could have with a tank chasing illicit users of our car park … ahhh …. I’m better now.

Ubuntu verifies as Genuine Windows. Twice.

House cleaning and job hunting is the order of play for the rest of the week; all I’ll say is that some parts of the house are in a mess. If it was just the floor I could understand. Hmm.

Right, off to make meself a cuppa then watch New Tricks. And plan the assault on grime in the house. Adios :-)