Tea leaves healthier than tea bag

Posted on Mon 04 June 2007 in Uncategorized.



I knew there was a reason I drank tea brewed in a pot with loose leaves; the health benefits (nothing to do at all with me accidentally buying loose leaf tea, no sirree)

It’s all quiet on the western front, I’m relaxing for a bit; when I say relaxing, I mean geekily relaxing; coding, coding and compilation.

Probably a good idea to get a CV out to people soon, apply for jobs (again …) and maintain it over the summer; I worked out that if I fixed 5 computers/laptops a week @ £20 each, I’d be fine. Just need to find the 100 now :-)

On an aside, I recommend trying Defcon, a thermonuclear game of chess that even without flashy graphics is strangely compelling. Also wing a tenner their way, Introversion are a good games company.

With that endorsement (and an expectation for a cut ;-) ), I’m off to code Python.