Lapwing-Linux are (is?) go (sort of, ish)

Posted on Wed 06 June 2007 in Uncategorized.


Lapwing-Linux 0.2devel ISO is available here, which can be thought of as beta0 (its stable enough to install and use, just hasn’t got everything I want in it yet)

Most people will be questioning my sanity over Lapwing-Linux and ask why the hell I’d want to do it, but I reply with;

  1. Why the hell not?

2) It’s akin to cooking your own food; the preparation, creation, cooking, presentation and maybe having many attempts at the recipe means that when you get it just right eating it is really really enjoyable; more enjoyable than popping down the chippy everyday (no sniggering ben).

  1. Since when did I do things the “normal” way?

4) I’m meant to be doing a computer interactive systems degree; what better way to practice what I’ve learnt than with my own distro?

Anyway, in 4 months working alone I’ve gone from base packages to installable CD. No mean feat :-)

Back to having a break from working on computers … if you don’t count the new packages this evening, Chaserail website updates, updates, HAL mucking abouts … apart from that, computer free ;-)