Work work

Posted on Wed 18 July 2007 in Uncategorized.


If people suddenly find me offline for the whole day, its because I have a job. :-)

Its basic monkey work at a clothes warehouse. I think I’ll have picked up what I need to know by the weekend.

Speaking of which, theres a bigwig from the Heritage Rail Association coming down to chase on saturday. He’s come to have a look at our signalboxes, neither of which are “finished” externally because of the weather and the general manager throwing a wobbly.

I’ve had some good news back from HMRI about the signalling, so we can hopefully go forward on that.

I managed to lock myself outta my house on sunday. Landlord agents weren’t in to answer the phone, locksmith wouldn’t be able to gain entry without the landlord’s permission and the police aren’t allowed to break in. So I had to do it. With a shovel. I dunno whether to be grateful or worried about that. (Don’t panic ben, theres no damage)

Ern yeah, thats everything samwise. Have fun until the next instalment :-)