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Bookmark is back up!!

Anyway, just finished watching SiCKO for the 3rd time (it takes a while for it all to sink in)

Theres just a few things I can’t get my head round;

1; You got a child who’s just had a seizure in your hospital; how on earth can you not render aid? (She died because of lack of treatment)

2; An elderly lady was dumped outside a hospice; doing that to anyone in need is callous, but what struck me was the half dozen people who walked past her without asking if she was OK (she was walking down the middle of the road into oncoming traffic)

3; One woman was working 3 jobs (three!!?!?) and the most she got was a pat on the back and a stupid joke from the president. I can’t imagine a British prime minister doing anything other than trying to assist legislatively.

4; The reason that private health care gives you small waiting times is because there aren’t as many people using the system as public health care. Why do the proponents of private health care never point the fact that people with pre-existing conditions can’t (or rarely) get private health care?

It also makes me really grateful for the NHS. I thoroughly recommend watching SiCKO, even if you think Moore is just in it for his ego.