You’l currently find me in Texas … and canada … and lichfield ….

Posted on Wed 10 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


There are a number of companies popping up that “finds, tracks and monitors your personal information online.” Having read a BBC article on it (sorry, I’ve lost the link!) I decided to give it a go for the free month or so.

So, personal details entered (Name, age, email address, home address …) and sit back to watch.

Few weeks later I get an email about my “Data report” from OK, goto the website and check it.

For those who want to stop reading, the upshot is; it was full of crap.

It listed I live in Carolina, Texas, somewhere in Poland, Kidderminster, Melbourne, Pennsylvania (where I’m 80), Lincolnshire, Lichfield and London. Right. You have my address and tell me I live in the USA???

I feel safer knowing you can google for my name and find nothing, then use this site and still find nothing :-)

Only Microsoft could turn a grammar checker into a highly critical rated security hole.

Also, try visiting

Everyone except me seems to be able to view pages on the site. Except I can see 404 errors (page not found to non geeks :-P ) and This isn’t just firefox thats playing up; svn, telnet, links all fail. aLinux can’t connect either, yet Windows and Ubuntu can see it.

I’m about to try Zenwalk, a slackware based distro, to see if its only slackware’s tools that are affected, or its something else.

The fact that I can read fine leads me to believe I need to debug something with my lump hammer, probably hippygeek’s servers. :-)

Update @ 16:00:

Zenwalk doesn’t work with, but works with …