When will the major media labels learn?

Posted on Fri 19 January 2007 in Uncategorized.



Once again people; Suing your customers does not stop piracy, DRM does not stop piracy, over pricing does not stop piracy.

The IFPI wants your local ISP to block or filter P2P technologies to stop you “pirating” their member’s content.

OK, I will start a company that only uses P2P technologies to deliver content (such as, I dunno, Skype?) then sue the IFPI for throttling my business model.

I’m sure they’d like the irony and attention.

Just to demonstrate the absolute absurdity of these ideas, an analogy; many thousands of people die in car accidents every year due to illegal driving (I’m including drink driving, speeding, car theft etc in this).

What to do about this? If you subscribe to the IFPI’s view, you shouldn’t go after the motorist that caused the accident, you should go after the Highways Agency because they maintain the roads, or the car show rooms for selling the car, or the car manufacturer for making the car.

Absurd, no?

Do the people at the IFPI not read the news, or visit sites on the net? The ones that demonstrate DRM workrounds? The 2nd most successful, non-DRM’ed MP3 site eMusic? Or that physical copying of the disc is more of a problem than P2P? Maybe they are filtered in IFPI/RIAA/MPAA Towers …

Not that I wish to encourage USE P2P! civil disobedience over copyright DOWNLOAD MUSIC! infringements, there are a number of easy ways to get around filtering by your ISP; proxies, FreeNet, ENTROPY, non-encrypted wireless networks, Internet cafes, libraries, work, or maybe even physically copying CDs/DVDs without any copy protection.

Next big thing from the IFPI/RIAA/MPAA/ScrewTheCustomerSociety; turn off the Internet. Go on, you know it makes copyright sense, right?