The samwagon is (nearly) dead

Posted on Mon 08 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


Long live the samwagon?

Yeah, it happened. It failed the MOT :-(

Brake pipes excessively corroded, advisories on the rear offside wheel arch and possible oil leak.

£250 worth of work to replace the brake pipes that are currently corroded, with it “being an ongoing problem”


Its not a simple operation to replace em either; specific equipment is need to bend, shape and flare the pipes correctly (“akin to a central heating system” said the mechanic).


The thing that worried me though was the oil leak; it had oil in it when I checked a month ago. This probably means the engines on its way up the creek, which would be stupidly expensive to replace.


So, I’m trying to find a replacement car in the next few weeks; I’d prefer a Fiesta again even though they are rustbuckets, but from the looks of eBay (all hail!) Peugeot 106/107’s are cheap and lower insurance ….

This, at the moment, is a pipe dream; I have to wait till next week for my student loan, and I’ll probably have to get the CCTV cameras paid for by Chasewater as well.