Stop kids being miscreants! Censor the Internet!

Posted on Fri 05 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


NASUWT say: “(we support) a zero tolerance approach in schools to pupils who used technology to abuse and undermine teachers, and called for more rigorous legislative control of internet sites which gave them licence.”

Yay! Lets censor the internet because of a yob! Booyeah!

I know, to stop kids thinking about under age sex, lets censor sex education sites, after all, it does tell them how to have sex safely. Also so we don’t give the kids nightmares about blood and guts, lets censor the biology sites. And the chemistry ones, don’t want them knowing how to blow stuff up! Better do physics as well, the “big bang” theory won’t help!

Religious education needs censoring as well, all that smiting and plagues aren’t good for our kid’s development. Art and technology, heavens they could spray paint the side of the school and learn howto pull the building apart, can’t have that. Music is a huge anti social and noise pollution problem, censor that. English needs to be censored, they could learn howto write convincing essays about human rights! Foreign languages need to go because then they could write them in a language we don’t understand!

And IT, well, what can we say? l33t haX0rs!!11!

We can let them have maths. Nothing harmful with that. Although they could work out how hard to throw the brick to smash the window! Censor maths sites!!

Or, lets just turn off the internet!!!

Yea gods this sort of knee jerk reaction to a simple, stupid act of vandalism makes my blood boil.

The stupid kid was taped committing the act and the assistants were dealt with. They did all the hard work for you, if they hadn’t video’d it you’d still be scratching your head and would’ve put it down to mindless vandalism and left it at that.

NASUWT, you’ve made yourself look a complete ass. What they should have said is they will recommend the video be shown in all schools; if the kids see it because their teachers have shown it, it will loose its cult aura very very very quickly.There would be less copy cat attacks.

Hell, use it in the classroom; physics; how hard do you need to throw a brick to go through a window, RE; whats the ethics of vandalism? art; draw what you see.

Rant over, I’m calm.