New Year

Posted on Mon 01 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


This post is the first of the New Year 2007, so happy new year all!

Yes, I’m being a sad bastard and staying in over the “celebrations”; really people, who wants to be stuck at the bar for 30 mins at a time having being charged through the nose at the door? Not me.

I’ve gotten the security cameras I bought to work with some different drivers, Winblows only so I need to write some Linux ones; job for easter or sometime.

RailMan is coming along nicely, few more minor upgrades to and it’ll do most of the server handling stuff, with all the clients being added later.

Lapwing-Linux, don’t get me started ;-)

I also recommend watching The God Delusion and The Virus of Faith, excellent videos.

All in all, things are good. :-)

So again, Happy New Year.