Linux will be at 60% market share by 2012

Posted on Tue 02 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


This warmed my heart quite a bit;,-Heads-Up-Linux,-Youre-on-in-5..4..3..2-cue-music….html

Apart from the activist idea of mailing ATI and nVidia to ask them to work on open source drivers, the most import part of the post was:

It is projected by the numbers presented in that meeting, that Linux will become a viable threat to Microsoft Windows by the year 2009 and that by 2012, Linux could gain as much as 60 percent worldwide market share.”

This isn’t from a thinktank, Linux vendor, news or advocacy site. This is from the top of Microsoft. Microsoft are taking Linux very very seriously. This, as a Linux advocate and power user, is a big deal.

The admission by MS that Linux will be able to compete with Windows on the desktop is effectively the last piece of the puzzle; Linux runs everywhere. I’m so excited by this I can’t type it effectively :-)

I’ve got a huge amount of renewed energy to finish Lapwing-Linux now, especially as I have Zenwalk Linux in a VMWare image to compare with and eventually surpass.

Damn, I’m geeky :-P