It is now safe to turn off your Birmingham”

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To celebrate football fan twattishness, Birmingham will once again shutdown.

Because of the fracas of the last match, twats climbing onto bus roofs as they waited in traffic.

The routes around the major bars will be shut.

* Hawx imagines Birmingham “shutting down”…

Like Christmas lights going off…

It is now safe to turn off your Birmingham”

Anyone with photoshop-ing abilities and spare time want to make a picture for this? ;-)

Speaking of Birmingham, I’m currently Birmingham bound as my car’s MOT runs out at midnight and I can’t get it into the garage till Monday, so can people please refrain from suffering critical illness or dying until I can get my car back on the road, I’d appreciate it muchly. However, if you can get transferred to Selly Oak hospital, feel free to suffer illnesses. :-)

I’ve spent most of today doing railway work, from measuring a box we’re getting (can’t say which as we’ve not “announced” it yet) to doing some rough diagrams and number crunching (“How much money??”).

I’ll also be putting up the CCTV cameras I’ve got, as we’ve had yet another incident of criminal damage at the Heaths; the car park, being for the railway and cafe only, closes when the cafe closes, which is 3pm during the week; therefore, any cars left in the car park after this time aren’t for the railway or cafe, so they get locked in. Problem is the fencing is appalling and easy to tear down, so people do and exit through the hole in the fence. This time though the b*st*rds cut the fencing down to get in/out.

We’ve had this happen so many times now that the fencing is being replaced in February/March and the CCTV is going up. Next target will be the bloody dog walkers using the car park and the people who dive across the tracks in front of the train.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you people! You know who you are! ;-)

Rant over, we also went and viewed part of the Lichfield-Walsall line, more on this when it actually happens :-)

Back to reading and drinking proper loose leaf tea …