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Posted on Wed 17 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


Righty ho, time to attack Vista, I’ve not done it for a while;


The memory is usually around 40% and I have seen it spike to 50% when idle, but that’s pretty rare.”

Right then, you’re a happy camper because Vista consumes 40% of your RAM looking pretty. OK then, cept 40% of this guys RAM is 400Mb, sometimes half a gig. To run the desktop. Nothing else. Just eye candy.

Gah, these people make me mad; “its not that bad really”; yes it bloody well is.

You can get all that lovely 3D gumpf in Linux with or without the beefy 3D graphics card for free on your current hardware.

You can get trippy Apple-esque GUI’s on your current hardware for free using Linux.

You can get anything you like for free on Linux.


You will not be able to watch content on Vista unless you have a valid, up to date (checked over the internet) license for the media. Period.

Microsoft has jumped through hoops to ensure the content providers with their Mafia style muscle groups (RIAA, MPAA etc) stay onside, instead of looking out for the consumer.

Apple is no better, they’ve got there faster than MS (iTune tracks that play on nothing except iTunes player or the iPod … monopoly anyone?)

Linux? the BSD’s? Free. Absolutely 100% free. OGG Theora, OGG Vorbis, PNG, MNG, FLAC, Oasis Document formats, SVG. All free. No DRM, patented ideas, locked down protocols here. We can’t work with it, we’ll write a new protocol or go round it.

Free. Linux. Is.