Everythings failing

Posted on Wed 24 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


Gah, everythings failing around me.

Car failed the retest, although the garage only charged me £25 for the test; back brake pipes are still too corroded, but the front one is now advisory; joys, now to replace every brake pipe on the car to ensure it passes. It passed the emmissions tests again though, and theres no advisory on the oil leak.

My computer also barfed running a Java app, taking my running application’s config files with it, so I must start on Lapwing-Linux asap to remove this problem.

Many thanks to ben’s company who has taken over from streamline as the webhosters for lapwing.org, the upload speeds are much much greater than streamlines.

Right, off to have a cuppa, then on with system decompositions, java, LCD PIC controllers and brake pipe replacement kits.

Cheerio :-)