Broken routers, cars and work ethics

Posted on Fri 12 January 2007 in Uncategorized.


The folks from hippygeek’s LUG fixed the problem with me not being able to get at, it seems a router somewhere running hippygeek doesn’t work properly and blocks part of the TCP information package, causing a hang. Nice to know we move forward with technology.

I’m still looking for a new car, or a cheap method to repair the corroded brake pipes in my car, along with the rear driver-side panel thats on the limit of passing. It really needs to happen in the next week otherwise my insurance runs out. I’d be in the same sorta position as last year. It could be time to stop driving as its getting ridiculously expensive to run. Gah, I don’t need this at the moment. :-(

I’ve not got anywhere near half the stuff I wanted to do over the christmas period, but I’m relaxed and refreshed for the slaughter that is an EECE degree course.

Apologies to peoples I didn’t see over the holidays, but sitting in lichfield on my own away from my work was beginning to drive me nuts. Sorry anyway :-/