Moving about

Posted on Wed 07 February 2007 in Uncategorized.


I’ve just looked round my probable house for next year, the bedrooms are fairly big (I’ll have floor space and room to move!!) and the rent is reasonable.

Uni is good, I probably should be more stressed than I am, but I’m enjoying the majority of it.

Chasewater is moving along nicely, the second signal box is arriving in April sometime, situated on the crossing end of the platform. We’ll be able to shout at people misusing the crossing and have a good view of it at all times.

I’ve done most of the base packages for Lapwing-Linux, and the package sync is working fine, meaning I won’t have to sit up waiting for the remote server to update all night as I normally have to.

Must remember to compile Xorg7.2 and the 2.6.20 kernel over the weekend.

I will be getting the equipment needed to fix my car on the weekend, then it’s just a case of finding (or making) time to remove, replace and refit the brake pipes over the next 10 days or so.

All things are good on planet-sam …