Great Britain is Great

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Great Britain Is Great.

I feel like making this blog post because

Great Britain is Great

We maybe rip off britain. But we know it and work to rectify it,

We maybe a nation that doesn’t follow Christian/Muslim/Hindu/religious doctrine. But we know it and celebrate the diversity from every religion and atheist belief,

We might be a capitalist culture. But we want a socialist NHS, benefit scheme, culture, care for the poor,

We might be a successful economy. But we want a sustainable economy,

We want to be wealthy, but we want to aid the world’s poorest,

We want Great Britain to be the best conglomerate of countries in the world.

We are, ladies and gentlemen.

Britain maybe wrong in a huge amount of ways,

Britain, for its paper work, useless EU directives, WIPO standards, and many many other annoyances, is a decent country.

Great Britain is NOT a police state, its is a free country.

It is MORE free than the USA, it is the most free country in the world.

Britain is the most diverse and inclusive country in the world.

If we deny that, we deny being British. Being British welcomes the diverse, the needy, the caring, the informative.

Britain is the definition of a multiculturalism. Britain is the ideal of cultures colliding and mixing.

We are not perfect, we are not ideal in the world of “this works, lets adopt it”.

We are the ideal of everything mixing together. We are the best mixing pot of all nations, creeds, religions, ideals, thought, actions, and speech in the world.

We should preserve and fight for this mixing pot.

samwwwblack will now goto bed and sober up.

This article, however, is what I think of Britain and how it should shape itself in the years to come. We have to preserve its rich and diverse mix. To do otherwise is not being British.

Night all. ;-)