MPAA breaking copyright … again

Posted on Tue 04 December 2007 in software.


The MPAA got caught with it’s copyright trousers down … again.

This time it was for violating the GNU GPL with their [STRIKEOUT:insecure spyware] network monitoring tool “University Toolkit”, based on Xubuntu.

It appears that, again the massive amount of MPAA lawyers can’t read software licences. Or adhere to copyright law.

I hope the FSF takes the MPAA to task over this.

University work is proceeding apace for finding radio transmitters hidden about campus. My interface (written in Java) is taking shape, and we should have 50-60% of the overall system built for next wednesday, the demo “field test”. Outside. Fun.

I’m looking forward to christmas, relax a little, and help my brother and sister settle into their flat.

Car will be going middle of january, I worked out I’m spending ~£1500 a year on it. Waaaayyy too much for what I use it for. Just isn’t worth the money now, especially with petrol pushing £1/ltr and Chasewater isn’t where I want to be spending my free time any more, I’ve more projects than I can shake a stick at that give me more pleasure and a feeling of achievement than trying for the millionth time to justify our signalling decisions, having funding requests denied until something bad happens then they expect you to have done it yesterday with no money. Balls to it, it isn’t fun anymore.

So, you’re all up to date now :-P