I love paydays

Posted on Fri 31 August 2007 in Uncategorized.


I got paid this morning, which eases my money situation right out. I can afford the rent for September and October and still have enough to live on from this pay cheque {including some Grolsch, £5 off because of the crappy weather ;-) }. Hopefully the next will do some debt clearing (assuming no emergency expenditure occurs)

Such as my car, which is on it’s last legs now, rust is beginning to appear pretty much everywhere. Still, not bad for a car over 14 years old (it was an import registered in 94)

Lapwing-Linux was mentioned in DistroWatch as on the waiting list, which gave a flurry of downloads (logs show 50GB of bandwidth used :-S) and some queries. After I finish work I’ll spend a fair amount of time working on it to bring it up to some sort of scratch. On a side note, this equated to about 60 downloads of the ISOs. I’m quite proud :-)

More when things happen :-P