Posted on Mon 16 April 2007 in Uncategorized.


Its so nice to be on holiday.

I went to the bank to pay in a cheque at 11, got home and just slept until half 3. No rush to get coursework in, don’t need to panic about anything, nice and relaxed. It’ll all change in a month when my exams start, but what the hey.

The only reason I didn’t stay asleep for longer is because I got a phone call from chasewater stating another signal box was on it’s way to the railway. Sorry to all the people stuck on the A5 behind it. The box was lifted saturday, lowered to fit the loading gauge yesterday and transported today. Twas a good job as well, if we hadn’t it would be bulldozed today and after the top came of 2 people were able to push the brick base over. Ours is a bit better built ;-)

In other news, ben has been going mad with making “internet appliances” to distribute around the house (this being one of our modules assignments last semester) and ended up with this:


I’m now off to stop him before he puts a computer in the door. Yes, it’s a hoax. I wouldn’t put it past him however

Adios :-)