samwagon is back on the road

Posted on Wed 11 April 2007 in Uncategorized.


Title pretty much says it all; my car is finally back on the road after 3 months. The advisories page is filled with stuff, but hey, I can fix em for next year :-) Many thanks to josh, his dad and eric for assisting with getting it back on the road, couldn’t have done it without you :-)

I celebrated this by promptly running out of cash after getting my car back, which puts me in a bind as I really want to go to see my family and chasewater.

However chasewater has about 600 yards of railway, signals track etc all donated to us, which (when I got my car back) is where I’ve spent most of this afternoon.

Lapwing is practically finished, just the installer to create and I can release a beta or something.

Ive some uni work todo and houses to find, and a job to get, but for the moment I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine (through the curtains, it’d be straight in my eyes) and think of sunday, and getting back to normal.