Money matters …. at least to me it does.

Posted on Fri 01 September 2006 in Uncategorized.


I have sorted the SLC [another form to be sent off … paperwork; we’d save the forests if we stopped producing paperwork], have to phone the removals bloke back tomorrow for the job, so I think I’ll get home this weekend to phone round and so on [<£3 on my phone … eek]

Or I might play with ReactOS [], which is an OSS Windows-clone.

Or learn python+GTK2.

I [re]set up a standing order to go out on the first of every month for rent. I did this last week before the bank holiday and greater than the 3 days they needed to clear it. Yet, they haven’t [yet] sent out the money. Checking the balance today, when they do take it out, I will have £5. Eek again.

I’m guessing it should go out at 00:01 of the day [ie one minute past midnight]? If not, I have to go back and complain. Again.

What is it with me and money?