Good and Bad News …

Posted on Mon 11 September 2006 in Uncategorized.


Good news, I’m in the 2nd year at Uni. Finally. :-)

Good news, I’ve got a [sort of] working prototype for a rail management system [think big computer screens at New Street Station … like but without the Error Box ;-)]

Good news, the above app is based on GPL’ed code so the Uni can go screw itself :-D

Bad news, I’m completely out of money [I mean, totally] and work is not forthcoming [my name, number, address etc adorns a lot of application forms, probably all sat in the bin]

Bad news, the stuff I’ve put up on ebay ain’t shifting [yet] although I am hopeful.

Bad news, my computer is freezing randomly [I can only assume it’s the MOBO, I have a replacement but no AMD2800+ chip for it … damn] but thankfully not loosing any work [as yet].

That’s about it, methinks. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode :-P