Spoke too soon

Posted on Sat 07 October 2006 in Uncategorized.


I spoke too soon.

Soon after the update to arch, the MOBO in the desktop died a horrible death [arch, ubuntu and lapwing all oops’d with memory errors], where upon the socket for the GPU gave out and died. I know it’s not the GPU itself, and the MOBO in question has been chucked into the corner of the room with the dust and lots of static generating items.

I’m therefore out for a new AMD CPU, as I have a replacement MOBO but no CPU for it [old CPU is an Intel]; until I can get this, I’m using my now working laptop running Ubuntu [much to hippygeek‘s amusement].

Uni is currently OK, I’m undestanding and applying a lot of stuff so far. This could be a good year :-)

I helped out with the burnfm streaming server problem, but it’s still a bit flaky and I could be again helping but this time with a GNU/Linux roll out for the server … dyne:bolic anyone?

Chasewater. Gah. Need todo; Website, S&T work, 6’x2’x6’ hole [for certain managers], RailMan software [more of this when it gets more feature complete]

Lapwing-Linux is on hold [again], but I have a lot of ideas to work on [upcoming XFCE 4.4 release, based on Slackware 11.0, Upstart for 0.3devel, PyGTK2 installer … lots and lots :-)]

lapwing.org/sam is probably gonna change in the near future, after seeing a lot of stuff goto CMS recently it’ll probably move that way.

I reckon if I got paid to do all the stuff I do in my spare time, I’d be a millionaire. Or a dribbling wreck.