Slackware, why did I forsake you?

Posted on Thu 19 October 2006 in Uncategorized.


I’m now wondering why on earth I left Slackware Linux in the first place.

Having moved about a lot of distros [aLinux, Fedora, Arch, Suse, Ubuntu] I’m now back at slack.

And I’m realising how much I’ve actually missed it. Almost as much as I hate Windows when I use that for a long period of time …

Possibly the only thing I miss from the other distros is package management, but I think I can live without it just for Slackware’s stability, disaster recovery [formatting the MBR …] and useability [especially in comparison to Fedora/Ubuntu], and will provide stuff for me anyway.

I’m mildly happy, and looking forward to some chips n kebab later on. Mmmmmm :-)