Random stuff from bash.org

Posted on Sat 28 October 2006 in Uncategorized.


Using a random plugin from guifications.org, I’ve found this website http://www.bash.org, which is a load of random IRC chat snippets people have posted in.

The best one so far is this one;

<[Cadaver]> There were three people on an airplane. One was Thomas Jefferson. One was George Bush. And the last was Bill Clinton. They opened up the airplane door and Thomas Jefferson threw out a 100 dollar bill and said “I just saved a family!” George Bush looked at Jefferson and then threw out 2 100 dollar bills. He then said, “I just saved TWO families!” Bill Clinton looked at Thomas Jefferson then at George. He sighed and pushed George Bush off the plane and said “I just saved the world!” ^_^


Ah, how I laughed :-)