Posted on Mon 09 October 2006 in Uncategorized.


I’m beginning to loath them. Really. Yes, I know I’m doing Computer Interactive Systems Engineering. I still hate em.

Take my desktop, now sporting a borrowed AMD CPU [thanks ben]; I have replace the Mobo, CPU, GPU, fan and sound card. The DVD drive gave out today, so thats another thing to replace; the only original features are the case, power supply, ram and the hard disk. Well worth the £200 I paid for it. :-S

I do not want to meet the bloke who sold it to me. I would end up in the cells.

Chasewater is moving forward nicely, we have sussed a lot of stuff out, we should be able to move on it next year after the santas.

Now, to bed, else I’ll fall asleep at the keyboard again.