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Posted on Mon 27 November 2006 in Uncategorized.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been fairly busy with Uni work [don’t go into shock, you’ll miss the rest of the post]

Whilst waiting for inspiration, I’ve spent a lot of time on Youtube watching a lot of movies/films and stuff.

We don’t learn from history #231: Trojan Horse

Mentos and Diet Cola

It runs on water [50 minute video, from 1995]

On a serious note, railway level crossings; at Chasewater we’ve a number of pedestrian crossings, but one real level crossing at Chasewater Heaths.

It’s thankfully not a heavily used crossing, its to allow the emergency services to get onto the heathland, but its a heavily used pedestrian crossing.

This is notorious for people;

1: Crossing in front of trains,

2: Ignoring the approaching train and crossing,

3: Standing in the middle of the tracks taking pictures,

4: Climbing over the gates,

and the best

5: opening the road gates without coming to check with us if theres a train coming.

So, I’ve been trying to put together a collection of films to show the idiots what would happen, and have found these;

How not to cross the railway

What you want to happen when ignoring the crossing lights … [ignore the stupid intro and music]

… whats likely to happen …

… and the consequences

But, go to India, and you can ignore these to your hearts content;

How to use level crossings in India

One millisecond slower …

I’m not being over zealous with the safety push; I just really don’t want to have to watch someone get run over by a train or assist in the clear up.

Other than that, I’m all good :-)

Update: the original Network Rail adverts are here