Whats that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?

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From El Reg: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/11/28/letters_2811/page2.html

I’m a geek. Sex is behaviour that other people are purported to engage in. It has nothing to do with me. The day women produce a tidy log file of the problems they encounter while the process is running is the day I’ll happily start debugging. Until then: don’t give me images of fornicating crustaceans.

Never a truer word spoken in jest …

We’re being invaded by the nutcases expelled from America; specifically, the Intelligent Design proponents;


It seems that a theory based on nothing but the writings of a scientifically unsupported collection of stories by different people (ie the Bible) might be taught in some classrooms alongside the supported theory of evolution; I hope that they will teach about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and my personal favourite of pink elephant creationism to students.

Thankfully Parliament is staying sane and dismissing this information pack as “not an appropriate resource to support the science curriculum.”

Please, Intelligent Design peoples, GO AWAY; your theory cannot be treated as science, confine it to RE classes where it belongs; should the “Designer” suddenly and irrevocably appear and state they did in fact create the world, then and only then can we use it as science.

And then, and only then can we tell em what a fsck up they’ve made of the place.

In other news, I’ve reports/programs/plans coming out of my ears, and no motivation to do them.

One report is about the 2012 Olympic Village/Stadium and the systems to be put in place for it; trains, roads, stadia, housing, services etc; we’ve got to write a report on the systems, stakeholders, requirements, projected costs, overruns, penalties etc for Monday.

It is incredibly difficult to work up the enthusiasm to write ~30 pages on something that won’t ever be enacted or read by the engineers/technicians at the Olympic Village, and some of the stuff is incredibly dull and outside this report would never be used again. Gah I hate the damned thing, much rather be programming.

Not in Java though, anything but Java, please. Take this code to declare an object in Java;


class SomeObject(){

  something {

    // do something here


  public function() {

    thing = new something();


  public thing something();



class SomeObject

  def something

    # do something here


    thing = something()

For those who skipped the code, Java takes 2 times the amount of code as Python, is really messy and speaks double. Since I’m used to the simplicity and clean code of Python, Java feels like I’m washing in sewer water then going off to drink dishcloth water with soil sandwiches.

Anyways, now you’re up to speed and my rants are over :-)