Coffee - food = hyper sam

Posted on Tue 07 November 2006 in Uncategorized.


I’m in a good mood; my bank sent me a letter stating they would charge me £39 for a “failed item”.

Now, I know thanks to paddy and tall mike that they haven’t a legal leg to stand on making this charge, so I phoned em up first to ask about it, and if they refused to waive the charge, I’d kick up a fuss.

As luck would have it, I phoned up and they checked, and found it was a bank error.

So, well done Halifax for looking after a ~15 year customer :-)

I’m also off to collect the security cameras that have got stuck in Customs. Once my phone is charged and I’ve done the washing up.

Damn, coffee on an empty stomach didn’t normally have this effect on me, must drink more :-)