Posted on Thu 11 May 2006 in Uncategorized.


I have to say I sorta enjoy my job. Even clearing up the sick, piss and sewage. Its not a bad job.

We spent most of this evening fighting back water coming out of the drains from the restaurant upstairs, as they throw their grease down the drain it clogs and water comes out all over our floor. Brush outside, mop sorta dry then watch as it pours back out again … a nice distraction.

Walking round I get general enquiries like wheres the loo/fag machine/exit/bar. I get the odd person talking about how glass collectors hate people cuz we nick their drinks [we don’t really. Honest] or when we get bumped into and offered a drink.

It’s always fun when people at the end of the night try to dance with you. I just carry on collecting glasses and walk off.

Or when walking past/in front of a large group of women I always get my bum pinched [I’m surprised they manage to find it]. This doesn’t bother me [the trick is not to look who pinched your bum ;-)] but women for some unknown reason love to go for my hair. I dunno why. They must think they’ll get away with it :-)

I’m not complaining, just thought people would like to know what happens in snobbs … :-P