Time to jump the sinking MS ship

Posted on Sat 27 May 2006 in Uncategorized.


With a title like that, people might think I’m writing an essay.

Well, I’ll spare you, I’m not. Its already been written:




From the TPM artcile;

Still, Microsoft notes that a skilled person can attack the TPM from hardware. Thus, someone who steals a laptop might be able to use the PC equivalent of a video game console mod chip to bypass the TPM protections and recover data. The hardware necessary for this attack is inexpensive, but the skill and time required are fairly great … If hardware attacks against the TPM become cheap and readily available, the kind of protection TPM-based trusted computing offers … may appear increasingly inadequate.

All that effort into “locking” a machine, and its still possible to break in. Lovely.

So, quick bit of rhetoric/evangelism; Jump the MS ship now before you walk the plank ;-)