Router has arrived :-)

Posted on Thu 25 May 2006 in Uncategorized.


I’m a happy bunny. The Linksys router arrived today. I have to surpress the urge to tinker with it until I move house [reinstallable Firmware … mmmm]

It worked until I’d finished tinkering and plugged it into the Internet and let people connect. Then they couldn’t get the Net. I was more worried about looking a fool than anything, but I managed to fix it [this is why manufacturers provide nice hard-reset buttons ;-)] It’s all well and doing stuff properly now.

In snobs news, I was called fit whilst trying to clear a table of bottles [this is why I try to keep moving when collecting glasses, keep the conversation to a minimal]. Bad news is I’m rostered Fri, Sat and Sun. Cheapskates trying to minimise taxis over the Bank Holiday. Can’t wait till I get another job and leave, that’ll be fun.