Either I’m missing something …

Posted on Wed 03 May 2006 in Uncategorized.


or the Americans have been re-writing history again.


Second blog post contains (among others) this gem;

As for “bias”, I am not a “Microsoft Fan-boy” or any of the hundreds of more offensive things I have been called. I do however admit an admiration for the company that gave us the modern computer and invented both the Internet and the world-wide web. Where would we have been without Microsoft?”

Erm. MS *invented* the Web? Er, no. The US Military invented ARPANet [IIRC] which was taken up by some engineers and they created the Internet/WWW. Not MS. MS was still blissfully unaware of the importance of the Net, let alone pioneering it. And IBM created the modern PC.

Another gem;

cancelled my webhosting and fired the webmaster immediately and signed up for REAL WINDOWS HOSTING … Faster, more secure and first of all, I am not contributing to this strange Russian operation system called ‘Linux’.”

*cough*Russian*cough* Linux. Russian. Do they teach kids in the USA theres Russia, EU, China and the Middle East and thats it? A quick google for “about linux”, first result [linux.org], top of the page “What Is Linux?” hit more and you get a complete history of Linux, including that Linus Torvalds is Finnish.

Reading the rest of the ‘article’ I found that they had tried to use RedHat 3.0; OK they probably heard someone say RedHat 3.0 when they meant RedHat AS/RHEL 3.0, which is understandable. But what I don’t understand is how they managed to miss (again from google) the other linux distros? I dunno. :-)

I have to say, skimming the rest of the blog entries, it really really does scare me that there are people out there who claim to follow God’s word yet hate everything they see as wrong [or intepreted the Bible as saying is wrong]. It reminds me of the good ol’ middle ages [Burn the Witch!! Burn the Heretic!!]

[bile]Roll on Peak Oil and let these zealots see how far God will protect them.[/bile]

Nb; please don’t take offence if you are religious; I have nothing against religion, I just dislike hostile intolerant people, like this Shelley person appears to be.