The sun is shining …

Posted on Thu 30 March 2006 in Uncategorized.


The sun is out here in Brum, lighting up the snowdrops/*drops over the road, all very pretty and spring-y.

I am 99% sure it is my HDD in my laptop that is playing up, as I’m currently typing this on the laptop using SLAX which doesn’t use the HDD and it’s fine. Anyone got a laptop hard drive they are willing to sell?

My desktop is OK at the moment, it only crashed the once yesterday due to over heating [after 6 or so hours playing Dawn of War this isn’t bad]

steph’s “expected birthday” party was cool, much fun was had [I’m sure pics of me pulling weird faces are online somewhere] Baked beans and bacon in chipatti make a nice breakfast

Rover project has been handed in and *should* be GPL’ed in the near future [assuming the University don’t stop us, our work is supposedly their IP]

Anyone looking for a house next year? Me n my mate need 2 other people to fill a house on Tiverton road (£48 a wk, water included) so drop me a comment/email if interested.

I think thats all people need to know :-)

BTW mark; it was bone dry once I got past stafford ;-p