The Guild: Screwmaster or Student’s Rights?

Posted on Wed 15 March 2006 in Uncategorized.


There’s a lot of talk floating around about the Guild, to avoid the Charities Law by:

  1. making the Guild a company,
  2. making the Guild a Universtity Department,
  3. re-organising The Guild so that it stays under under the new Law.

Personally I think the following;

1) This is NOT advisable, else the Guild stands to make money above all else rather than promote Student needs.

2) Again, this is not advisable, as the Guild is reportable to University Elders/Council and can be dropped against a students’ needs

3) The Guild, as I understand it, should get Government permission to be a Charity, as it tries to improve the lives of the Students of the University of Birmingham for no profit of it’s own.

Every Student in the University of Birmingham should oppose the idea that the Guild is run for the University or to make profit; the Guild must be to promote and campaign for Student rights, that encourage every Student’s partipation.

If we end up that the Guild is neutered because Students don’t do anything about this important proposal, we should kick ourselves at the opportunity lost.