Computers developing “faults”

Posted on Thu 23 March 2006 in Uncategorized.


Interesting weekend.

My laptop hard drive is on its way out, randomly freezing and not letting me do stuff (Telling me that I can’t shutdown cuz it can’t find the shutdown program is always fun…), so need to do a backup of that to transfer to my desktop.

Ah, the desktop. Random buffer overflows caused by the (I think) GPU or CPU overheating. Fun, especially when I’m trying to update HL2, Windows or download the firewall. Stupid bloke on ebay I bought it off mustve stripped it of the decent stuff (ie enough working fans) before he sent it to me in half a bannana box; he’s brought my rating down cuz he accused me of threatening him :-S (have a look here).

Report to do by the end of the week (the rover project) of which we did a presentation for today; in comparison with everyone else’s, our program kicks ass :-)

Off up to Manchester this weekend for steph’s birthday party, even though her birthday isn’t until april; plenty of time to get organised present wise.

Lots of work at the chase, must finish the point rodding at brownhills (assuming the idiots in management haven’t taken the last lot out) and look to get equipment for the heaths, and get up there to play with the train describer we were donated :-) Can’t wait for that to be up and running, and to see the look on the traditionalist’s faces (The brigade at chase who whinge “you can’t do that, it isn’t authentic” yet seem ok for us to have massive stations, yards and stock that would be completely out of place on a real colliery line)

Thats the update and my bile freed. Till next time :-)