MS snooping my computer?

Posted on Thu 15 June 2006 in Uncategorized.


Do people remember this from my last post?

Third, Windows will now for any unknown reason, reboot. Then complain the BIOS is ballsed [WTF is Windows doing looking at my BIOS??]

Well, I’ve found out.

Windows Genuine Advantage.

From this page:

Information collected during validation

Q: What information is collected from my computer?

A: The genuine validation process will collect information about your system to determine if your Microsoft software is genuine. This process does not collect or send any information that can be used to identify you or contact you. The only information collected in the validation process is:

* Windows product key

* PC manufacturer

* Operating System version


* BIOS information (make, version, date)

* BIOS MD5 Checksum

* User locale (language setting for displaying Windows)

* System locale (language version of the operating system)

* Office product key (if validating Office)

* Hard drive serial number

OK. So Windows *was* checking my BIOS. To see if I’ve a pirated version of Windows.

And Windows randomly reboots itself. After I downloaded the Critital Update WGA.

I’m not normally one for conspiracies, but this sucks, so I’ll indulge it.

MS are fscking my computer.

This reboot problem does not happen in Linux. So its not a hardware issue.

It only happens in Windows. After it had complained about my BIOS MD5sum. And downloading the WGA.

So, MS, fsck off outta my computer. I fear a reinstall of WinXP (a-fsckin-gain) or maybe no install at all. I might shell out a tenner for Cedega/Crossover to get rid of Windows entirely; I really don’t like having my computer’s functionality taken away from me (this is why I use GNU/Linux, and why you should too, just in case, in the not so distant future, MS decides it doesn’t like you …)