MS OneCare (or whatever)

Posted on Tue 06 June 2006 in Uncategorized.


If it costs you US$50 a year to pay MS to “protect” your computer [from security flaws in *their* product … erm … conflict of interest, anyone?] I’m gonna advocate GNU/Linux again.

So, assuming you want to spend just US$50. Here goes;

  1. Goto
  2. Request an install CD for free
  3. Wait for it to arrive
  4. Install to your computer
  5. Spend a few months with it

6) Wonder why on earth you were prompted to spend US$50 when you got Ubuntu for free

  1. Limit Windows use to high end gaming [with no Net access]
  2. Ditch Windows entirely

Total Windows spend [yr]: US$50

Total GNU/Linux spend [yr]: US$0

When you’re done with the install CD, lend it to your neighbour/friend/relative. You can’t do that with OneCare. Need help? and search first, or visit and look for a Linux User Group [LUG} near you and go along.

Within the year you’ll be able to use GNU/Linux as or more easily than Windows. Honest, try it :-)