Goobuntu is a myth

Posted on Wed 01 February 2006 in Uncategorized.


Someone been over active with Photoshop and Google’s images these past few months.


Goobuntu ?

Goobuntu is FUD.

It is something that the Google engineers tinker with whilst not doing actual proper work ( or when the search engine is working optimally and theres no need at all to mess about with it ), which was dropped in casual conversation with an outsider who got the wrong end of the stick (ie, Google was about to break into the desktop OS market ) and got the Chinese whisper treatment ( not through Google China though, probably filtered ) to the point where Google thought it would be a good marketting tool to threaten MS with.

The problem is, I think it’ll become vapourware. Google drop hints occasionally that Goobuntu is still around and people will wait for it. I can’t see many *Nix users holding their breath, but a lot of Windows users will delay converting to *Nix to see what Goobuntu is about. This in turn will hurt Linux distros as the astronimical growth slows to a trickle, and Google drops Goobuntu as the target audience has practically evaporated.

Sounds very MS to me …