No more resits … until next year …

Posted on Thu 31 August 2006 in Uncategorized.


All resits/resubmits are completed and in.

That is it, no more to do :-)

Just have to wait till the results come through, I think I have passed [read ~75% sure]

I just now have to sort out the Student Loan [You have requested: £0.00 :-: que? says I, and why the hell would I fill out a 20+page LOAN APPLICATION FORM to request no money?]

Job. Need. I. NOW.:-: Reassemble into a well known phrase ;-) I should be good here, I have a number of numbers to ring regarding jobs [removals people, IT helpdesk, Bar Work] This is the occupation for part of tomorrow.

Must also get eBay stuff pictured and online. Need monies for next month.

Apart from that [and seeming to be going bald :-( must be stress] I’m good.