MS acting scared?

Posted on Thu 06 April 2006 in Uncategorized.


Microsoft is getting a tad worried about “naked PC’s” [computers with no OS on it]. According to MS they are a Bad Thing (TM);

… a risk to your customers and a risk to your business …” by not supplying an OS [specifically Windows] on a new computer.

Right. How?

… the software giant is concerned that the sale of base systems may be linked to the use of counterfeit software.” and “… technology vendors suspected of installing counterfeit software on PCs before selling them.”

OK. Microsoft is concerned about “naked PC’s” being sold just in case people load a pirated Windows [or heaven forbid GNU/Linux or BSD] onto them, yet they are also afraid of the vendors loading a pirated copy.

This to me is absurd. Surely it would be better that people [according to MS] buy a “naked PC” and load a legal copy of Windows onto it [or GNU/Linux, preferably] than leave it to the vendor? Ask the vendor to load a legal copy onto the computer or load GNU/Linux or BSD or FreeDOS or whatever.

Can’t do that though, MS don’t like “naked PC’s” either. Ah. I’m stuck now.

Build your own? Or is that naked.

I’ll stop listening to MS now. It winds me up. :-)