Please Enter your First Six Digit Number…”

Posted on Tue 13 September 2005 in Uncategorized.


Please Enter your Seventh Six Digit Number…” >clickety<

I’m Sorry, but the Number Entered is Invalid, Please Call Customer Services.”


WTF??? Yeah OK, the MicroSerf Windows Activation Line is free, but phoning on my mobile costs ME money. Why the hell do I need to ring them anyway?

How many installations are you completing with this disc apart from the current one?” “Just this one?!?!”

Like I’m going to say “Yeah, I’m pirating the copies and you’ve locked me out” ? {Not that I am ;-) }

Please, Please, PLEASE Wine developers, get DirectX working to support OpenGL. Or Cedega. I’ll pay anything {nearly} to get away from Winblows. I’m sick of it. Virii, spyware, anti-anti-virus, spoofed sites, Activation Codes; I want out!

Blasting my partition table isn’t as bad as I thought, most of the data is still intact. Re-install of WinF*ckUp XP (it >is< that bad now), tried installing Return to Castle Wolfenstein, “Cannot open OpenGL drivers, using VGA”; XP uses as much hard drive as a complete GNU/Linux install and it hasn’t OpenGL Drivers?? I want to get a few flamethrowers and wade into a pro-Windows forum.

I could go on. I’m THAT pissed off with Windows. God knows what I woulda done had I not discovered GNU/Linux.

Probably gone mad and spent hundreds on ZoneAlarmPro/Symantec Complete Protection/Windows Vista.

Thanks, but no thanks Microsoft; I’ve had completely enough of your rubbish. First chance I get, WinXP gets nuked. Long time coming, but it will happen.

I feel so enlightened :-)