Posted on Sat 10 September 2005 in Uncategorized.


It’s not my week for electronics.

The router dropped down dead a few days ago, so the house with 7 people in has 1 internet connection at a time. Yay. :-(

Then, whilst trying to rig up my laptop to act as a temporary router, I accidentally wiped my partition table, loosing all the stuff on there. Thankfully I’d backed up most of the important data to my new samba server; it meant that I could do my long planned re-partiton, so I have 6 5Gb partitions to play with, so I can test new releases of aLinux without breaking my working one, and finally { yes, finally } start to work on Lapwing-Linux and maybe, just maybe, get a distro together.

Mental Note; don’t use Smoothwall install to a in use laptop :-)