Windows, oh Windows, why are you so crap?

Posted on Tue 10 May 2005 in Uncategorized.


I’ve rediscovered why I hate Windows.

Windows for gaming purposes is ok. Windows turned off is even better. Windows as an every day OS is just absolutely crap.

In Linux, I download an IM client. Install, run, tweak settings, use.

In Windows, I download an IM client, spend 5 mins deselecting the crap I don’t want (NO, I DO NOT NEED a bloody pop up blocker, I’m using Firefox!) then wait for the installer to download the program, run, deselect all the other stuff I don’t want, then use it.

Other day, I’m playing Total Annihilation, where to get a unit to do multiple commands you hold the shift key down. Except Windows treats the held shift key as a special command, so the shift function locks and can’t be disabled. Reboot. Check settings, find the function WAS OFF in the first place, double check, and yep, it was off. Swear a bit, uncheck everything with “Enable…” and not a problem since.

I hark on about Linux; I know I do.

Sure, it’s more difficult than “Pointy, clicky clicky, purrty icon” Windows as you have to know roughly whats going on; the hardware support isn’t as complete as Windows, but its getting better. Applications are being ported to Linux from Windows. It’s getting easier to install (but to be honest, few people actually install Windows themselves.)

But, I find Linux far less stressful than Windows. Linux does what I tell it to. It doesn’t install a pop up blocker, change my homepage, install spyware or adware.

I really can’t wait for the day when Linux is as well supported in the gaming area as Windows, because then I can dump this pile of excretia in the bin. Long live Linux!